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About Us - Our Institution

The Instituto Privado de Radioterapia is actively engaged in treating patients suffering from cancer, having provided medical services to the community since 1979. Its main goal is to achieve complete remission of the disease and, when this is not possible, it aims is to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. Ionizing radiation treatments delivered with the latest technology, in addition to a highly qualified team of professionals have resulted in cancer control rates equal to those reported in the United States or in Europe. These positive results have been achieved thanks to the technological and scientific development of radiotherapy, whose foundation stands on two fundamental pillars: new high-tech equipment and high-level academic training at outstanding International Centers for Radiation Oncologists, Physicists and Technicians specialized in ionizing radiation applied to cancer.

Every year, a large number of patients are admitted to IPR referred by specialists from private and public centers of Cordoba and other provinces as well as from neighboring countries with which we keep a close relationship in the fields of science and assistance. Our professional links with outstanding international Cancer Institutions make it possible to hold consultations and to exchange opinions regarding the choice of treatment for patients with pathologies which are unusual or difficult to manage. Since it is our belief that superior patient care is dependent on the excellent academic level of medical institutions, IPR, with the support of Fundación Marie Curie, has devoted time and provided substantial resources to the development of teaching programs and research in relation to all the areas of the Institution.

Residents in Radiation Oncology and Clinical Oncology do their training at IPR. These programs have been organized by Fundacič´¸n Marie Curie and approved by the Medical School of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Instituto Privado de Radioterapia, also provides financial support to Fundación Marie Curie in order to sponsor meetings, residency programs, and postgraduate courses for physicians, physicists and technicians, as well as other activities related to professional advancement and continuing education.

In order to enhance patient care, our Institution has worked intensely in the field of quality assurance, having obtained as a result, the ISO 9001 certification.

Our commitment is to offer patients excellent care in all the institutional areas and to provide total quality in every way possible.

IPR: Obispo Oro 423 - X5000BFI - Córdoba - Argentina - +54-351-4424600 / 4843999